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Stipendium som kanske är lite mer åt konst- än litteraturhållet.


OPEN CALL Studio Bibliotek AiR 2017 (22 May to 5 June 2017) 
Kulturresidens Tranås.

Deadline: 20 March 2017.

We are now welcoming applications from contemporary artists for the artist in residency “Studio Bibliotek”. Studio Bibliotek is a themed residency program. Please read the information below about the theme.

“Studio Bibliotek”
Studio Bibliotek is a two week residency programme based on the idea of making public spaces more accessible to arts and artists. And the arts to public spaces and people. During this two week programme the selected artist is expected to produce an artwork that could be displayed within the modest means of the library building. The works do not have to be related to books and/or book making, but are expected to be related to the city and/or library in Tranas and must be in tune with the atmosphere of the library.